Tuesday, October 4, 2016

October CHIP Update

Dear Community Partners and Key Stakeholders,

Moving into Fall, the CHIP scorecard has been "softly" launched and we encourage you to begin using it as a resource. Many of the work groups have received some orientation of scorecard function and the CHIP Advisory Council will receive a short orientation at our October Meeting. We're really pleased with the brief tutorial on the site created about our amazing summer intern Hannah Rackers and we encourage you to spend a few minutes familiarizing yourself with the scorecard navigation.

We continue to work on refining our communication processes. This month we will begin to post CHIP Advisory Council meeting agendas on our blog. Next month you will receive a link to the agenda with your meeting reminder rather than an attachment as we move toward making the blog our "go-to" resource for all things CHIP. We will also begin to include future meeting topics on our CHIP calendar. If there are upcoming events, resources, job postings etc... please contact Terri to post. Also note, just like any public blog, you are free to use the comment space below each post.

Just a reminder that last month we created blog-sites for each priority group to allow for increased internal communication and sharing. Note that these are public and you are welcome to visit them to find out more about the priority work and you'll find them listed on the right-hand menu bar. Also, these blogs will be updated on an "as needed" basis and content may change more or less frequently than the main CHIP page.  

Please take a few minutes to read our Update featured sections this month to find out what you can do to share information that supports our CHIP priorities and partners.
This month we have 2 new Engage opportunities.  The first is the City of Asheville Bond Referendum on the November Ballot with funding slated crto support critical affordable housing, transportation and recreation needs. The second is an opportunity to learn and provide input into the City's beginning Comprehensive Plan process.

In Learn you'll find information about workshops to learn how to use the Results Based Accountability framework that is central to our CHIP process, to inform your work and how to use the  Community Resiliancy Model (CRM) to address physiological reactions to stress and trauma.

Support includes information on how to support Buncombe County Partnership for Children and Pisgah Legal Services while hearing two amazing speakers, Juni Liu of the Fred Rogers Center and Marian Wright Edeleman of the Children's Defense Fund. It also provides information on how to support those you serve through a connection to short term childcare at the YWCA.

Our Resources You Can Use Page space has several new resources this month including two that can inform your work around equity issues, and resources from the Food Research Council on ending hunger and from CDC on policies to address social determinants of health.

And once again, don't forget that our Facebook Page is where we provide more timely information.

As always, please let us know how we can continue to build and improve ways to communicate and share in ways that help us be successful in our work together!


Deborah, Deanna, and Terri
CHIP Health Improvement Specialists

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