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CHIP Monthly Update

This monthly update will be distributed through our Constant Contact email platform on the 4th Monday of every month to all of our partners.  

Monthly content will routinely include the following sections:
  • Engage and will provide opportunities for direct action or advocacy
  • Support with information on how you can support our CHIP partners by spreading the word about upcoming partner events or needs.
  • Learn features research or relevant information to increase understanding around of our CHIP priorities or conditions such as policies that have an impact on these priorities.
  • Resources You Can Use features tools, information about funding opportunities or support that can further our work together.
To submit information to the Update email
Submissions are due by the 2nd Wednesday of each Month.

Facebook Page
Valuable and interesting information needs to be shared more than once a month.  Much of this best comes from you.  Please take a minute to Like our Page and share information that our partners can use or can help you spread the word about.

This page is monitored and your posts may not show up immediately until approved. If you need us to ensure your post is seen the same day you post, just send us a quick email so that we can approve your post quickly.

You can find us on Facebook at

Posts to Advisory Council Monthly Agenda
CHIP Advisory Councils Members can share information about upcoming events or needs on the monthly agenda by submitted them to  

Buncombe CHIP Blog
This blog is primarily designed to expand on content in the Monthly updates, provide general information about CHIP as well as archive information.  It is designed to be used primarily as a tool for our CHIP Advisory Board and partners. Please be patient while we "build" this platform.  Please let us know if you have suggestions to improve the blog.  Also note that information here may only be updated once a month.  

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