Tuesday, August 2, 2016

August CHIP Update

Dear Community Partners and Key Stakeholders,

July finds the CHIP staff refining action plans and following up on data and research needs resulting from those work groups that are actively meeting "under the CHIP umbrella" and preparing for the Talk to Action meeting around Intimate Partner Violence scheduled for August.  Work in our community around the Substance Abuse priority is happening at several tables with HIS staff actively participating and working to best determine how we can support and align this work. For a summary on work group activities and progress to date, please visit our CHIP Priority Work Groups page.

The CHIP scorecard is very close to being complete and we cannot wait to share it with you! The completion and "launch" plan includes a review by Buncombe County HHS and MAHEC leadership, the CHIP Advisory Board and local data experts.  The Advisory Board does not have a regular meeting in August, so likely the full launch will not take place until September.  If you are part of a CHIP work group, you will continue to get "sneak peeks" as we ask for your feedback on data and content.  If you need access to data, information that has been generated from our work group process so far, or content related to "what works" to address our priority areas, please feel free to contact us and we can share the current draft of the scorecard if that would be helpful. Just a reminder that the lead each priority area is as follows:
·        Preventing & Improving Diabetes Self-Management
Deanna LaMotte
·         Increasing Food Security
Terri March
·         Reducing Infant Mortality
Deborah Calhoun
·         Reducing Intimate Partner Violence
Deanna LaMotte
·         Reducing Substance Abuse
Deborah Calhoun
·         Increasing Safe Transportation & Recreation
Terri March

Please take a few minutes to read our Update featured sections this month to find out what you can do to share information that supports our CHIP priorities and partners.
This month's featured opportunity to Engage is around the proposed City of Asheville bond referendum. Regardless of where you live, many of those who's lives you touch are greatly impacted by lack of affordable housing and transportation.  When we have housing and transportation that is affordable and accessible for working families, we reap the benefits by living in neighborhoods that are safe, inclusive, and where all children can thrive. Educate yourself about what this bond will address, it's pros and cons and become part of the conversation. 

Given Adverse Childhood Experiences and Equity are the lens through which we view our priorities, in Learn we strongly encourage you to attend one of the upcoming events with Sharon Wise, speaking about trauma and resiliency or the The 2016 Diversity Summit. Newly added is information on Racial Equity Institute's Training in Historical and Institutional Racism and how you can register to attend this training on September 14-18th.

Partnership Support this month includes continued opportunities to contribute to the school supply drive and lots of fun ways to support Buncombe County Greenways and ASAP.  In addition there are lots of opportunities to participate in hosting a health, play or community-building active at the September 18th Open Streets Asheville.  Please consider and help us spread the work.  We are also still looking for sponsors. 

Don't forget that our Facebook Page is where we provide more timely information.  Like our page if you haven't yet. And if you need to refer back to information from the monthly Updates you can find everything on our blog.

Newly added to our Resources You Can Use Page space is a one-pager that provides a simple overview of Buncombe County's CHIP structure and process.  We encourage you to download and share it as you talk about our shared work.  We are slowing building this resource page as we come across articles, information, toolkits and such that can support our work.  If you have something you would like to see added to this page, please send us the information to include it.

Please let us know how we can continue to build and improve ways to communicate and share in ways that help us be successful in our work together!


Deborah, Deanna, and Terri
CHIP Health Improvement Specialist

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